Rapist: Woman Fights Back!

A brave woman left a sex attacker battered and bruised after he attempted to rape her in Sheffield UK. 

Jonathan Holmes followed the woman for over a mile after she left work and dragged her into bushes, the court heard.

According to the Mirror News Paper, as he tried to stick his tongue in her mouth and told her she was "going to enjoy this", she courageously fought back. She repeatedly punched him, bit his tongue and used her keys to stab him in the neck.

Screen_Shot_2015-12-03_at_21.16.04.pngDespite suffering the terrifying ordeal, she appeared in court where Holmes was being sentenced.

"I believe without a doubt he was going to rape me. My life would have been over, he might as well have killed me right there. I was so terrified but so angry. What happened to me was my worst nightmare. The whole thing played in my head for days. Now going anywhere after dark is really stressful for me. I often think how much worth it could have been. Even though I know he is locked up, sometimes I'm scared he will come after me again," the victim told the court. 

The 35-year-od was found following the incident but claimed he had no recollection of the events as he was drunk. However, detectives managed to find footage of him on CCTV, watching women throughout the afternoon. 

He was sentenced to four and a half years in prison. He was also left with a mark on his conscience after Judge Sarah Wright told him that he has seriously affected the victims life. 

"No one listening could fail to have been moved by her words. It is clear to me that what you did had a devastating effect on her life. She is not able to continue her life as before," she told the court.

What an vile person. 

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