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These self-defence classes are designed to offer children, young people, men and women the scope to learn valuable skills for life, helping you to stay safe, including bullying at school and in the workplace, domestic violence and general violent and aggressive occurrences. It is an ideal class for mums and daughters to do together, GAP year students, loan workers, girls and boys looking to gain confidence and feel empowered including team-building events in Schools, Colleges, Universities and Industry organisations alike.  

Workshop: created by husband and wife team Nick and Diane Lowe, which has been experienced by over 10,000 children, young people and adults from all walks of life in the UK and USA with amazing success. With a mixture of Mind and Muscle, this carefully constructed class offers you practical and scenario based solutions, with simple escape techniques, which teaches you how to recognise unsafe situations and more importantly, how to avoid them. 

Duration: Classes are tailored to suit your particular needs from 45 minutes to 2 hours, 1/2 day or full day. They can be repeated on a weekly basis or more or less often as required.

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