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Introducing Nick Lowe Personal Training:

Nick in London Aug 13

A part of the fitness industry since 1977, Nick knows that being fit and healthy is a journey and that with the right knowledge and understanding, it can change your life for the better. It can even save your life, something Nick himself can attest to.

With over 40 years of strength and conditioning teaching and training under his belt, Nick has successfully coached men, women, teenagers and children to meet their individual needs. His success and versatile client base comes from knowing that everyone’s fitness journey and body shape is different, and by tapping into personal motivations he can create a regime that will deliver long lasting results.

So whether you're looking to become healthier, get into a specific fitness regime (sports, personal safety, military and more), require a confidence boost or want to improve your general lifestyle outlook, Nick can design a programme to meet your needs.

Training can take place at your home or Nick’s home gym depending on requirements.

The training options Nick provides:

  • Strength and conditioning that can help transform your body
  • Sound and creative exercise regimes that will keep you engaged
  • Body shaping nutrition to get the look you desire
  • Self-defence guidance
  • Lifestyle coaching in a place comfortable to you
  • Individual or group training if you wish to train with a friend(s)

What you get when you train with Nick:

  • An ex-Army Sergeant serving in the Physical Training Corps, responsible for preparing soldiers for the Falklands War in the spring of 1982
  • A 6th degree black belt and international judo champion and coach, training several competitors ready for the Olympic Games, as well as those who practice recreationally
  • Internationally recognised physical training, judo and self defence coach, accomplished in training teams in the United States and across Europe

Understanding pricing:

Sessions will be tailored to suit individual needs and time, but start from £30 p/h.

Nick’s qualifications:

  • Registered member of National Register of Personal Trainers
  • Diploma In Physical Training (Army Physical Training School)
  • Coaching: Boxing, Rugby, Football, Swimming, Trampolining, Gymnastics, Judo, Fencing, Brazilian Jujitsu, Athletics, Gym
  • Suzi-Lamplugh Self-Defence Award Winner 2010 for National Schools and Colleges
  • 5th Degree Black Belt and International Judo Champion
  • Diploma in Recreational Management
  • First Aider
  • DBS Enhanced Checked
  • SafeGuarding Training
  • Personal Indemnity and Public Liability insurance

 Nick Specialises in:

  • Boxing and Pad-work
  • Circuit Training
  • Core Conditioning
  • Group Fitness
  • Life Coaching
  • Martial Arts / Self-Defence
  • Nutrition and Weight Management
  • Sport Coaching
  • Strength Training / Conditioning
  • Under 16 Fitness



“I am taking Self Defence classes with Nick which I started from an unease of not having the faintest idea of how to handle an unavoidable confrontation.

The sessions Nick runs are full of content, and run at a pace to suit you, but are also stretching.  He explains the scenarios and techniques concisely so you think and understand, but the majority of the session is practical content.

With Nick, what you get is his lifetime dedication to defence teaching, and his understanding of the mechanics of the human body.  The techniques he teaches are simple, but you would never work them out for yourself!



"We first met Nick a couple of years ago as our sons judo instructor. Nick became our personal trainer about a year ago and we have been very impressed with his depth and range of knowledge on fitness and training. His sessions are challenging yet always light hearted, which creates a good atmosphere for working out and getting the most out of yourself! We highly recommend Nick as a judo instructor or personal trainer for anyone at any level.

Phill and Helen"

"Not only is Nick extremely knowledgeable of and experienced in fitness he is also a fantastic coach and motivator.   He doesn’t just tailor a fitness programme but also takes the time to understand what motivates you, pushing you when necessary but also making sure you work effectively and consistently towards your goals.

Nick definitely improved my fitness but working with him also built my self confidence which had positive impacts on all areas of my life.  I simply can’t recommend him highly enough!

Helen - Wiltshire"

Nick has worked with my son Will as his judo instructor for over 8 years so he was a natural choice when we needed someone to work with Will (now 16) on a one to one basis as a mentor and trainer. Nick worked with Will for three separate 6 week periods building confidence, self-awareness, body image, weight gain and general well-being.

Will met with Nick at his home gym every week and Nick followed up these sessions with texts throughout the week. The change in Will over this time was huge, not only did his body shape change but his stature and confidence in all things were transformed beyond all our expectations. He was able to cope with peer pressure issues at school more confidently and more importantly he has been able to continue to build on the skills and tools that Nick gave him.

I highly recommend Nick as a life coach, mentor and personal trainer; his no nonsense, honest and direct approach gets results and changes lives! 

Jane - Calne Wiltshire”

“Nick has coached our children in his weekly judo classes since our eldest was in reception at school, aged 5. He is now 17, and Nick has truly been an inspiration to him over the past 12 years. As a judo coach Nick is highly qualified with many years of experience, both with the technical and physical skills and with that rare ability to understand how to engage every individual within the group. He works very successfully with students of all ages and with a wide range of abilities, and has a particular empathy for those who are struggling with confidence. Nick is very friendly and has a great rapport with his students. He is non-judgemental and knows exactly how to identify and draw on each student’s strengths.

Our eldest is now 17 and holds Nick in very high esteem as a long-term mentor, coach and friend. Last year he received a diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Disorder after several years of increased anxiety during which Nick suggested 1:1 fitness sessions, working with him to build his strength and offer support as a friend. This has been key to our son’s wellbeing at school, helping manage the anxiety of GCSEs and building his confidence for the next stage of his education.

Nigel - Calne Wilthshire”

I have been a police officer for over ten years in both Thames Valley Police and the Met. I have also worked in the Ministry of Defence conducting counter-terrorism work. My career has necessitated the learning of unarmed combat techniques that include S.P.E.A.R, Krav Maga and jujitsu.

All of the training I have undertook has proved beneficial, however by far the most useful training I have ever had was taught to me by Nick Lowe. His credentials speak for themselves, but it is his ability to communicate his ideas and techniques that makes his teaching style so effective. He understands the mechanics and fundamentals of why certain techniques work, but more importantly he breaks things down in such a way that YOU will understand them.

He is an expert in ground defence/ground control, as well as close quarter techniques designed to subdue an opponent quickly and efficiently. For example I have seen him show a 60kg woman how to lift a 100kg man when lying flat on her back, during a rape defence simulation exercise. His understanding of body mechanics is the best I have ever known, and when this is combined with his knowledge of movement (he preaches the virtues of moving your attacker from their comfort base, as well as moving yourself ‘off the line’ of your opponents likely attack), he will teach you how to give yourself the best chance of defending yourself when confronted with a spontaneous and violent attack.

Perhaps the best aspect of Nick’s training is the simplicity of his method. He does not use a multitude of overcomplicated techniques that require years and years of training; instead he employs core judo/jujitsu principles that strip away the overly technical aspects, and focus on the core ways to stop an attacker. His goal is to allow you to defend yourself on the street when attacked, and I have no hesitancy in saying you will find no one better.

Daniel Jeffrey – Metropolitan Police Officer


As a young sportsman who had been looking to develop both my skills and confidence, Nick has been the perfect partner. He took time not only to tailor sessions to meet individual strengths (to build confidence initially), but also to push your personal limits to develop further. 

As a result, I am now confident enough to train on my own, possess sufficient knowledge to understand the limitations of a particular exercise regime, and how to develop it further in line with my own goals.

Whilst always seeking 100%, Nick makes training entertaining and inspirational.  Without his assistance, I would not be where I am now.

Alex - Lyneham Wiltshire



I will provide the equipment required for each session

Geographical Areas Covered

Client base spans South West of England, Nick’s at home training within Calne, Wiltshire.

If you are interested in learning more about what Nick can do for you, contact him here

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