Training Camp Netherlands 2015

Review - Judo Yushi Open Trainingcamp 2015

This year's trainingcamp came and went in a heartbeat. No sooner had it started, it was over in a flash, however; with 13 classes of exhilarating, exhausting and high tempo quality judo, and some 450 judoka (a large number attended all of their categories) attending. Coaches from across Holland arrived with keen judoka, ready to do battle and learn some valuable skills along the way.

The classes started with a vigorous warm-up, followed by a 'Master Class,' led by Nick Lowe, which was a mixture of revisiting basic fundamentals (as one coach put it, just because judoka are competing doesn't mean they know everything) followed by an indepth examination of current trends in tachi-waza and ne-waza and a sprinkling of 'ways to improve your strategic and tactical game.' After a short break, open randori (ne-waza & tachi-waza) with a twist. Each randori segment was prefaced by a condition and judoka had to adhere to that condition for a percentage of the randori before normal play resumed. This was exciting and a continuation of the theme in previous years. "Judo Yushi trainingcamp" is becoming a respected brand and certainly one that can hold it's own in the world of dynamic combat sports.

On a personal note, I was extremely inspired by the energy levels exhibited by all who attended. From u10 years to u21 years and seniors, the commitment to do well was clearly evident. The choice of venue was a perfect setting for this occassion. This is why I LOVE JUDO!!!

Below are some special moments.

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