How to Make Friends...

Empathy - the single most powerful concept in the English language (seeing through the eyes of others). It is the most crucial skill in verbal communication. That's because the moment you stop thinking like your friends, you'll be forced to find another group to hang out with.

Have you ever wanted to know "how to make friends and influence people?" At eudo, we have been offering a personalised service, which provides very useful information/advice on this sometimes challenging life issue, for the past 10 years. Our programme involves assisting children and young people, who are about to either embark on a new life at a different school, where they are likely to come up against friendship barriers and where those friendship bonds have already been established for sometime or their current social circumstance is proving to be an uncomfortable experience. Also, we are coaching further education students entering University, who again, face the seemingly troubled dilemma of how to make friends.....and in some respects their need for personal safety advice.

In all cases, from children, young people and adults, we have identified that the challenges facing boys/girls and men/women are different as they seek to become socially accepted individuals, without the fear of being alienated or bullied.

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