Choosing... MMA Camp

If you’ve been seriously considering signing up for a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) training camp, chances are, you’ve been browsing the web for useful information that will help you in selecting options that would best meet your needs and preferences. 

Screen_Shot_2016-06-09_at_12.15.15.pngYou probably have checked out our ‘How to Choose the Right MMA Training Camp’post that was published at one of our awesome partners’, Pro MMA Now, website. After sharing that particular post, we received so much positive feedback from MMA enthusiasts and practitioners alike, that it inspired us to create a more comprehensive guide with in depth insights for selecting an MMA training camp.

Through this guide, you will learn the 5 simple steps that’ll help you make your decision. You’ll learn how to set the right goals, how to tell if your potential coach is qualified, what is the optimal training class size, and even information on what equipment and facilities you should be looking out for.

To make this guide useful and comprehensive, the team at collaborated with eight of the internet’s most popular and resourceful martial arts experts in Muay Thai/Kickboxing, grappling (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Judo), and Boxing. These awesome people including 'eudo' have graciously dished out their experience and knowledge.

Curious as to what our panel of experts had to say? Browse through and/or download ‘The Definitive Guide on Choosing the Right MMA Camp’. We bet you will learn a thing or two from it cause these guys really know their stuff. So be sure to check it out!