Nick Lowe

Nick is a 6th dan judo champion with over 40 years of successful teaching under his belt. He is a highly passionate motivator who brings out the best in his students. Seen as a role model by many he is a superb motivator and his passion emanates to all around him.Nick’s fascination with judo started at age 15 when an after school club was introduced at his comprehensive. Enticed by the high energy and dynamic sport, Nick also saw an increase in his fitness and self confidence which helped stave of local bullies.Joining the army in 1978, Nick underwent a vigorous 12 month physical training course where he was praised as ‘best student’ and along with his developed knowledge of judo, was soon putting his comrades through their paces both on and off the mat. It was here he developed his teaching ability and honed his skills becoming judo champion across europe and winning titles such as:

1981-82 -86KG British Army Champion GER 1983-84 -86KG GER Team Champion 1981-85 -86KG British Army Judo Squad

Leaving the army in 1986 Nick took over Calne Judo Club where he stayed for 17 years. During this time he coached judoka of all ages and abilities and along with them he continued to compete to a very high standard.

  • 1998-2003 90kg wiltshire and avon senior judo squad
  • 1988 90kg british masters champion
  • 2000 90kg bronze medal international tournament in london
  • 2002-2003 90kg gold medal hampshire open-southampton
  • 2003 90kg bronze medal senior british team finals london

It was after Nick decided to stop competing himself that he decided to turn his hobby into a profession and created the European School Of Judo. However due to international recognition, namely in America, Nick decided to rebrand the company eudo.

Nick's Teaching Style

Nick has a unique and well developed teaching style which allows him to easily navigate any class. His expertise and success come from realising that for some, learning a disciplined sport is about self esteem and confidence, rather than being the next olympic champion; on the contrary nick will push those who demand it, and to his credit he has successfully trained with a vast number of elite judo players who have competed in the olympic games, world championships, european championships, commonwealth games and british open championships. Nick is a very skilled and  passionate coach whose hallmark is coaching judoka ages 4-65, beginners to elite athletes. They all love his enthusiasm and come away learning something new. His energy is infectious to all those who attend his fun, high energy class.