Judo - a strategic and tactical game!

Judo - A strategic and tactical game!

The difference between a Strategy and a Tactic:

The word strategy derives from the Greek word strategos, which translates to 'the art of the general'. This is often confused with tactics, from the Greek taktike. Taktike translates as 'organising the army'. In modern usage, strategy and tactics might refer not only to warfare, but also a variety of business practices including sport.

Essentially, strategy lays out the goals that need to be accomplished and the ideas for achieving those goals. Whereas tactics are the meat and bread of the strategy. They are the 'doing' aspect that follow the strategic planning. Tactics refer specifically to action.

High performance judo athletes, who compete at successive World championships and Olympic Games: Riner (FRA), Iliadis (GRE), Ebinuma (JPN), Huizinga (NED), Harrison (USA)...do/did so by virtue of their superior physical conditioning, technical prowess and truly focused mental state. With all things being equal for both opponents, the secret ingredient comes down to the athlete who arrives with a well polished strategic and tactical game. "The clever fighter imposes his will on the opponent, but does not allow the opponent's will to be imposed on him". At the moment battle commences, your level of concentration/alertness must be at it's highest, anticipating the opponents change in tactics and counter attacks. A Judo contest by its very nature is the ultimate in chaos and as such, requires the coolest of heads.

At eudo we recognise the key elements that make up a well-polished strategic and tactical game. With our holistic approach, summarised by our mantra 'knowledge from research, coaching from experience', our service offers judoka and coaches alike a think-tank (current trends, hallmarks of successful vs. unsuccessful athletes and acknowledgement of vulnerabilities and limitations for both fighters), designed to promote continuous career development, leading to greater success.

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