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Nick Lowe, 5th Dan Judo (UK) and previous role as ‘Sergeant Instructor’, Army Physical Training Corps – British Army, completed a vigorous 12 - month physical training course where he was praised as ‘best student’ and along with his developed knowledge of judo, was soon putting his comrades through their paces both on and off the mat.

It was here he developed his teaching ability and honed his skills becoming judo champion across Europe and winning titles such as; 

1981-82 86kg British army champion in Germany

1983-84  86kg West Germany team champion

1981-85 86kg British army judo squad

1998-2003 90kg Wiltshire and Avon senior judo squad

1998 90kg British masters champion

2000 90kg bronze medal International tournament in London

2002-2003 90kg gold medal Hampshire open- Southampton

2003 90kg bronze medal senior British team finals London

With over 37 years experience, he now runs a successful business and is founder of providing professional, judo specific clinics for the 21st Century judoka.

Travelling extensively throughout Europe and USA and more recently Asia, visiting Universities, Colleges, Schools, clubs and National organisations, he has a unique ability to coach students of all ages and abilities i.e. 4 to 65 years, novice through to elite athletes.


The resent rule changes has driven judo INNOVATION to new heights. Nick’s clinics examines:

1.     Ne-Waza – techniques, including mobility and drills

2.     Tachi-Waza - techniques, including kumi-kata and transition drills

3.     Shiai - age specific tactics

4.     Randori – conditioned and open


During his 37-year judo career, he has trained and coached with a vast number of elite judoka, who have competed at the Olympic games and on the grand prix circuit. These Olympians include, Jim Bregman, Ronda Rousey, Ryan Reser, Rhardi Furguson, Jimmy Pedro, Mark Huizinga, Nicolas Gill, Winston Gordon, Kate Howey, Julian Davies, Neil Adams, Brian Jacks, Ray Stevens and Rhonda Rousey. Most recently Matthew Parker.


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Chris Dewey, Ph.D., CPC
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I first met Nick somewhere around 2005, when he and I were both instructors at a martial arts camp in Charlotte, NC. As we got to know each other, it turned out that both he and I had trained in Judo under Roy Inman, and as I watched Nick teach, I saw a master of his craft at work. Nick's knowledge of Judo and the art of teaching are both profound. His Judo technique is, quite frankly, superb. His skill as a judoka is, however, equally matched by his skill as an instructor. 

As a teacher, he was always watching the group, offering support, encouraging effort and building rapport. It was inevitable that I would attend his clinics whenever possible, and bring him to my own dojo (Starkville Martial Arts Academy) to work with my students. 

Being in a class where Nick is the instructor is like tapping into the jugular of cosmic positive will come away envigorated, inspired and ready to step up a notch in your training. 

If you have not had the experience of Nick teaching in your dojo, get it, you will be thrilled by the result.

Wim van der Werff
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What else to say...... 

It was a honor and privilige to have Nick (& Diane) Lowe for the second time conducting a judo clinic at the dojo of Judo Yushi in the Netherlands. Nick is a great motivator, excellent teaching skills, judo indepth knowledge (and besides this he's a nice guy too) which makes him a very special person. Hope to have/see him and Diane back many times more in the future!
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