eudo's History

eudo was born in 2003 due to a rebranding of European School of Judo, a UK company which had run a hugely successful judo club in Calne, Wiltshire for 10years. But wanting to take it to the next level a new image was in order. Since becoming an established brand, eudo has tackled the school market, becoming a popular physical education option in both private and state schools, and the teaching ranges from primary to 6th form. In conjunction with this, eudo has introduced several after school clubs in the south west area, Newbury, Lyneham and Calne to name a few. eudo’s ethos is to ensure that it’s members have a safe and efficient lesson in a supportive environment be they young and old alike. More recently, eudo has added other services including, a range of award-winning personal safety classes, sports consultancy to elite performers/professionals and eudo business, which specialises in mentoring start-up business.

All Staff are Enhanced DBS Checked